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it's communication


Communication is a very open and at the same time very significant word in the management world. In the world of APM engineering, communication aims to establish links between platforms that generate information separately. This information is generated continuously through different data formats and protocols and has to be stored in a stable environment that allows the exploitation of that information in a single data platform like OUI!.

Engineering & Connectivity


Machinery Interface

For industrial management projects linked to all types of machines to gain the power of real-time data and minimize the margin of human error. Sensors or specific programs can be the means of acquiring any data in the production plant.

Engraved Lens

PLC, Automats, APIs

Communication with OUI! It is designed to be able to interact with other platforms and data protocols such as PLCs, automatics, Scada languages ​​and even through specific file APIs that also allow the transaction of all-kind of information.

Computer Circuit Board Macro

Vinculos Online

Our constant development in engineering has led us to interact with machines and other elements thanks to our own Firmware that allows bidirectional data interaction if necessary, with online storage in the database linked to OUI!.



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